Bruno - 3rd Year - Music - Composition
LATEST NEWS: Jack Hurst and I have formed a 2 piano improvisation act - see and hear us on Myspace: jackanbruno
Salut les artistes, and thanks for stopping by. I am a 3rd year student in the Music department, doing a Bmus in composition. Boulez is dead, here I come.

My interest in music stems from a very early age and, to this day, has remained unabated. I have taught myself the piano, counterpoint, fugue, and harmony. The advent of music technology has allowed me to develop a substantial portfolio of compositions for piano as well as orchestra, using Emagic’s Logic Audio as a sequencing and recording tool. I had a record release with Indochina Records in 1995 (Eurotunnel, 4 track EP), and have currently 5 albums on sale on the Internet. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990's, I made a name for myself as an experimental film and video maker, and had shows at The ICA, the MOMA, The TATE GALLERY, and BEAUBOURG, while also giving performances using my voice as an instrument, in the manner of Diamanda Galas, with whom I collaborated. Motivated by my interest in psychoanalysis and semiotics, I put the voice of Jacques Lacan to music (Lacan Rap 1 & Lacan Rap 2. They can be heard on Lutecium, where audio recordings of Lacan's seminars are also available).

More recently, I came to explore the potential of micro-tuning, through von Helmholtz's On The Sensations of Tone, and also have discovered the possibilities opened by MAX-MSP with regards to interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments in the field of music dramaturgy. To that effect, I have started working on Bach’s B Minor Mass, in order to use its concealed numerology as DSP parameters. On the theretical front, I have been working on a semiotics of music, Son Voix Musique et Pulsion, which combines linguistics (de Saussure) and Freudian theory (Freud, Lacan and Kristeva). The ossatura of my semiotics can give an effective interpretation of varied music issues such as rhythm, consonance and dissonance, chromaticism, Rameau's Fa-La-Mi, the admiration for the operatic soprano singer, why a sexual component is often perceived in Pop music, why higher pitches are associated with a feeling of elevation, or the Glenn Gould "humming along" effect.

I would very much like to become involved again in the Multi Media field, and collaborate with performers and computer game designers. My main music software skills are: Logic Audio, Wavelab, Acid, Sibelius, and Melodyne. This year, I have discovered the delights of Wolfram Research's Mathematica, to produce a composition based on Topology. Ymm (got an 1st). Have also done a MAX-MSP course in July 06. Double Ymm. Will be starting a Piano Lab/Lounge in October 2006, so hold your breath and get your pianistic fingers ready. Went to hear Keith Jarret in Lucern in July 06. Woz heaven (check my pics on my pro web site-link is further down). Went to hear him again in Paris in October, together + a uni friend (proppa groupiez we are-init). More heaven on earth... If u wanna play some of my compositions, you'll find some scores on my pro web site, in the Musik section. Enjoy!!!

My college email is - otherwise - click here to go to my professional web site