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Qualitative Data Analysis Support Files

Strategies in Qualitative Research: Methological issues and Practices using QSR NVivo and NUD*IST

Institute of Education, London - May 8th and 9th 2003

Transcribing Interviews and Focus Groups with Transcriber, Importing into NVivo and Initial Autocoding

Sound Files for Interviews and Focus Groups

For a full discussion please see my chapter in the second edition of this social and cultural methods research textbook:

Duncan Branley 'Making and Managing Audio Recordings' in Clive Seale (ed) Researching Society and Culture (2nd ed) Sage: 2004. http://www.rscbook.co.uk/

There are exercises and weblinks for each chapter.

An introduction to Audacity (free sound software) can be downloaded from here (PDF format audacity_intro.pdf).

Bibliographic Software Support Files

Exchanging EndNote References with MS Access

Robert Gear of the University of California, San Francisco has made this guide and the associated MS Word macro code available freely for educational use on an as-is basis. There is no support provided. You could use similar principles to exchange data with a number of other programs such as spreadsheets should you want to.

EndNote References on a PDA

Currently (April 2004) only Palm PDAs can run PDA EndNote. I'm planning to use Robert Gear's Access export (above) together with abcDB, which enables you to use MS Access databases on your PDA, to be able to use my references on my PDA. If successful - and a limited trial has been, I'll write a short guide and put it up here. However, by then EndNote may be available on other PDAs! :-)

Information about abcDB is available from its manufacturer's (PocketSoft) website.

Importing a Pre-Existing Word Processed Bibliography into EndNote

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