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I am a mathematics lecturer in the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences at Goldsmiths College, University of London. My contact information is given at the bottom of this page.


My research interests are in both pure mathematics and theoretical computer science. The following is a list of research topics in which I have worked.

Geometric Measure Theory:
here the goal is to use measure theoretic techniques to describe the geometry of a number of mathematical objects; for example surfaces of minimal area. Research projects have been Hausdorff measures in metric spaces and projection theorems for box and packing dimensions.

Harmonic Analysis:
my interest here has been an investigation into the solutions of the convolution equation on a locally compact topological group. One aspect of this is for matrix valued solutions.

distance preserving linear maps between Banach spaces X and Y enjoy a variety of mathematical properties; for example, the Banach-Stone Theorem characterizes the isometries between the continuous function spaces, with the supremum norm, of compact Hausdorff spaces. Of interest are the properties of isometries between X and Y taken from other classes of Banach space; for example, when X and Y are continuous real affine function spaces of compact convex sets.

Applications of Domain Theory in Computable Mathematics:
one project is to extend and develop a theory of integration based on domain theory. In another direction domain theory can be applied to give a computational foundation to solid modeling and computational geometry. This has direct applications to programming and questions of computability.

Static Program Analysis:
the underlying feature of this is to understand the relationship between the control flow of a program and the data computations that it performs. The research is divided into three strands; namely, schemas, slicing and program transformations.

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