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 Teaching and learning materials

Course Handbook

Everything you need, bar the seminar programme and membership details (see below) - teaching programme and calendar, reading list, essay questions, past exam papers...

The handbook is in PDF format´, suitable for printing out; but also easily navigated on-screen by using Acrobat Reader's text searching feature.

Once you have them on-screen, they can be saved to a local disk, or printed out, just like any other file.

Click here to see the Course Handbook.

NOTE that this file is 207k in size; if you are using a slow or unreliable internet connection away from College you should consider using the open-access machines in the Library to download the Handbook to a floppy disk for transfer to your home computer (a system known as "sneaker net").

´ To use PDF files you need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program, at least version 2.0 or higher (if you do not have this, or simply want to upgrade to the latest version, click here).

´ PDF files are platform-independent, so can be read on (and printed from) equally-well from Macs and PCs (but you need the appropriate version of Acrobat Reader, of course).

Seminar Calendar

This will show the titles and dates of seminars for each group, together with those responsible for presenting them, once I have decided these. See Stop Press for information.

It is in HTML format (and hence not necessarily printer-friendly) for the time being.

Click here to see the Seminar Calendar


Amended Seminar Calendar uploaded (23/10/2001)

And you can still look at the motor-cycle poster...

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