Moving Your Site Away From Homepages

At some point, for example when you leave Goldsmiths, you will probably need to move your site away from Homepages. To assist you in this process Homepages has a forwarding facility which redirects browsers to your new site location. We recommend that you set up this forwarding facility before you finish your course, as all student accounts on the Homepages server (and other College servers) are frozen on course completion. Your site will remain accessible to readers for one year after you have left College. Thereafter, it will be deleted.

When you wish your site to be moved simply create a file called:


at the root of your webspace. This file should contain the full URL of your new site. You can create it in any text editor such as Notepad or SimpleText.

Hourly, the system checks for the presence of these files. If the file exists, your homepages web site will be made unavailable and instead a page will displayed which refers people to the new URL.

Should you wish to remove the forwarding and make your site available then simply delete the .refer file. When the system next updates the forwarding list your site will once again be available.

If after completion of your course, you need to access your files or wish to create a .refer file, as described above, you will need to complete an application for a Temporary Extension of Computer Access. This is available from the Computer Help Desk, or you can print off a copy of the on-line version (in PDF format).

Note that you are permitted only a single extension of 14 days, so you will not be able to maintain the site actively after you have left College.

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